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We are proud supporters of the BBSA’s ‘Make It Safe’ Campaign, strictly complying with current product safety legislation BS EN13120


We can help you to take a few simple and practical steps to help prevent possible accidents with looped cords and chains


  • Make sure beds, cots and furniture where possible are away from windows
  • Do not allow cords to hang near or on the floor
  • Makes sure all cords are out of reach or tied back
  • Consider the options available when choosing a new covering

Child safety is paramount and with a range of ‘safe by design’ blinds or devices to choose from, you can have peace of mind with every product

  • Safety without compromise

    Retaining their original look, our child safe blinds and devices are great way of having the privacy and light control you want without the risk of having loops being present or loose.

  • Choices Choices

    With many options in the available blind styles, from a simple cord tie to a fully automated operating system and without removing choice or quality, cordless and wand operated blinds are ideal in classrooms or public areas, as well as households with young children present. Remote Operated Blinds are best suited to high or large windows or to households where mobility or safety may be an issue.

  • Alternative Operation

    Blinds the like the Perfect Fit and One Touch Systems are some of the best child safe blinds on the market for the modern home with options like motorisation on most of the other types of blind there is safety in every application.

  • Existing Blinds

    We are aware that you may have existing blinds in place, but you can rest assured that there are devices available which can be fitted to your current coverings. Found out how you can claim your DIY child safety cord device kit for your existing blind by getting in touch.