A relatively new design concept? In short… No

In fact a style of awning was used in Ancient Egypt and Syria. The ‘woven mats’ as they were described would provide shade for homes and markets stalls during the day’s blazing heat.
These days awnings are still based on the same concept but the modern awning comes in many varieties and options to choose from.

Optional accessories including cassettes for strength, motorisation for ease of use, environment sensors to protect you and your awning, ambient lighting and infra-red heating enable you to use your patio or terrace long into the evening, whilst our pull out side screens provide added privacy and protection.
We understand that an awning may not always fit where you would like it to be installed.
Our solution to this is bespoke frames designed on site to carry your awning without the worry of where it is going to be fixed. Goal post style frames can also be used in the installation of twin back to back awnings for a stand alone shade solution.

  • Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Powder coated aluminium profiles for strength and longevity
  • Self cleaning and flame retardant fabrics available
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured in the UK

  • The sun's rays

    Our awnings help stop the sun’s rays reaching the glass, reducing solar heat gain and naturally cooling the internal environment along with protecting furnishings from bleaching all whilst maintaining the view.

  • Finishes

    An array of cassettes, finishes, styles, shades and fabric options are available to choose from allowing you to design your very own bespoke awning that is tailored specifically to meet your requirements and taste.

  • Motorised

    Motorised operation via devices such as wire free transmitters, wall switches or even Smart devices allows you to effortlessly extend and retract your awning.

  • Variable Valance

    Variable valance awnings offer added privacy and extra protection from low winter sun by utilising the front bar of the awning and installing an adjustable valance, adding that extra element of protection.