Child safe & Cordless

Complete Peace of mind

Retaining their original look and most of their structural components, our Child Safe and Cordless products are great way of having the blinds you want without the risk having cords and/or chains been present or loose. With many options in the available blind styles, from a simple cord tie to a fully automated operating system.


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The cord can be fixed or completely removed without removing choice or quality. Cordless and Wand Operated Blinds are ideal in Classroom or Public areas, as well as households with young children present. Electrical or Remote Operated Blinds are best suited to high or large windows or to households where mobility is an issue.

Make it Safe

My daughter, Megan, became entangled in a window blind chain in her bedroom when she was two and a half years old. She spent four days in hospital on a life support machine before we knew she was going to recover. Something as simple as an unrestrained window blind cord or chain can present a real danger to young children but with awareness and by taking some simple actions, any hazard can be eliminated. Make sure you always Make it Safe.

Mum of three, Rachael Maynard June 6, 2016

Potencial Dangers


Do not place your child’s cot, bed, highchair or playpen near to a window blind.


Make sure all cords and chains are always secured out of reach of babies and young children. Do not tie cords or chains together. Make sure cords or chains do not twist and create a loop.


Do not put other furniture near to a window blind, as children love to climb.