Building Control Systems

Using the SDN (Somfy Digital Network) system architecture consists entirely of interconnected intelligent devices. A complete building, having thousands of digital actuators, can be operated by a device as simple as a keypad and at the same time be fully integrated into the building management system.


System scalability is virtually unlimited. Very large networks can be built using RS485 or IP, and then operated as a stand-alone system or integrated into a building management system.

660x443 rs485

No need for special wire or connectors. The SDN uses readily available category 5 UTP cable, ethernet patch cables, RJ45 connectors and splitters to carry the data communications and bus power.

Motor and control integration is a dynamic sector of the product. Our motors offer high torque ranges while operating with low sound levels which is a valuable combination for the shading market.

Multiple integration options including;

  • Standard wired controls
  • Radio transmitted controls
  • Intelligent proprietary bus line communication
  • Industry standard RS232 and RS485 communication protocol

These flexible connection and integration options provide system flexibility to control motorised solar shades in most applications. The Somfy Connect Range is a new line of products which offer many different interfacing options between other systems. This new control integration platform enables seamless communication between native Somfy motors and controls and multiple third party integration networks. Seamless communication between these systems results in straightforward design and installation processes for any industry professional.


TAYDEC offers many sensor options for the Animeo IP and SDN systems. The first sensor option is a Compact Sensor Station which is a small unit with multiple sensor functions included in the design of the sensor. The second sensor option is the Complete Sensor Station which is a complete sensor mast which includes a preset array of sensors which communicate through an outside sensor box. The last option is an ‘a la carte’ sensor selection which enables the system designer to pick and choose which sensor functionality is necessary for your building project.