The Best Blinds in Birmingham to Keep Heat Out in the Summer

We have talked before about the best blinds in Birmingham for heat insulation, but as well as helping to ensure that heat remains in your house during the coldest months, they also help to keep your home cooler in the summer. 

Whilst heating your home isn’t a concern at this time of year, as energy prices continue to rise, air conditioning systems and fans can use a lot of electricity during a heat wave. We are here to offer our advice on staying comfortable, keeping your home cooler and reducing energy bills this summer. Find out more about the best blinds in Birmingham for heat control.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple but ever stylish solution to help block out the sun’s UV rays and keep heat out of your home. Roller blinds are fitted to cover a whole window space when rolled down and can also use blackout fabric to ensure maximum light blockage. Whilst this style of blind may not be your most favoured choice throughout the home, they are excellent for keeping bedrooms cool so that they are comfortable to sleep in come nightfall.

Venetian Blinds

There is a reason that venetian blinds are one of the most popular styles of indoor shade. As well as being available in a wide range of slat sizes, colours and finishes, they also have excellent heat control properties as the slats can be tilted to block out light completely. For this reason, venetian blinds are very popular for conservatory windows and roof panels.

Cellular and Pleated Blinds

Like venetian blinds, cellular and pleated blinds allow a lot of control over how much light is let into the home. Available in energy efficient fabrics, both cellular and pleated blinds feature a unique structure that blocks light and creates a thermal barrier to keep heat out in the summer and keep the warmth in during the winter.

Vision Blinds

Vision blinds are almost like a hybrid between horizontal blinds such as venetian blinds and roller blinds. Whilst they can be lowered to completely cover a window like a roller blind, they also allow light control, where the fabric slats can overlap to let in light, or close completely to block it out. For extra efficiency in blocking out light and heat, blackout fabrics can be chosen.

Perfect Fit Blinds – The Most Energy Efficient Blinds

A range of blind styles, including all of the above, are available as perfect fit blinds. This style of window blind is designed and installed to completely cover the window, leaving no gaps around the sides or bottom of the window. As a result, perfect fit blinds are the most effective blinds to block out light and therefore help keep temperatures down during hot summer days.

As the most energy efficient indoor shade solutions, perfect fit blinds offer the perfect shade and insulation solution all year round.

Patio Awnings

It is not only indoor blinds that can help to keep your home cooler during the summer. A patio awning not only provides an outdoor shelter from the sun, but also creates a shade over your home and helps to prevent UV rays from reaching your windows, therefore, reducing solar heat gain.

awnings outdoor shade

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