Reasons we love Awnings with Lights and Heaters

We’re moving towards summer and of course, many of us want to spend as much time outside as possible after the long winter months, but in the United Kingdom, we can never guarantee that the weather will stay warm and dry. As well as acting as outdoor sun blinds, patio awnings also help to provide shelter when the weather turns, allowing us to continue making the most of our time outside. Whilst awnings are great sources of shelter, when it starts to get dark and the temperatures get a little chilly, it’s awnings with lights and heaters that we love the most.

Many homes have garden lights, however, as an awning is a shade solution, any lights above will struggle to provide sufficient lighting. The good news is that awnings can be fitted with LED lights to provide an instant solution.

awning lights

For outdoor heating, gas patio heaters or wood burning chimineas may be the first thought, however, it’s worth considering that:

  1. They take a long time to generate sufficient heat, and are also extremely energy inefficient – with gas heaters being wasteful and having a negative impact on the environment. 
  2. Whilst chimineas can look great they, of course, are designed for live fire and as such generate smoke – it’s unsafe to sit a chiminea under an awning, so you may not get the full benefit of the heat if it is a distance away.

In addition to LED lights, modern awnings can also be fitted with infrared heaters to generate instant and sufficient heat to keep you warm and comfortable on cool summer nights, or even crisp and cold winter days. 

Let’s focus on some of the many reasons we love awnings with lights and heaters:

Instant light and heat

LED lights provide perfect levels of light at the touch of a button, and unlike gas patio heaters that need time to heat up, or wood burners that need a little time to start burning properly, infrared awning heaters heat up very quickly, so as soon as you need some heat, you’ll have it in an instant.

Sustainability and cost efficiency

When compared with gas heaters, awning heaters are much more energy efficient. They run from mains electricity, so there is no need to charge them or top them up with fuel. Almost all of the energy used for infrared heaters is used to generate heat, so there is practically no wastage. It’s also worth considering that gas burners emit some gases that are unfriendly to the environment, whereas awning heaters do not.

No noise

When you are trying to enjoy conversation with friends or family in your garden, the noise of a patio gas heater can be a little off-putting. In contrast, awning heaters are completely silent, leaving you to enjoy conversation without distraction, or to relax in peace.

Consistent temperature

Gas heaters or wood burners certainly provide heat, however, when you factor in elements such as wind, distance from you and heat control, they do not provide consistent heat for everyone under an awning. Infrared heaters are designed to target the areas directly below and can be strategically placed to ensure consistent warmth.

Small and unobtrusive

LED lights and infrared heaters are extremely compact and are fitted above you, whereas more traditional patio heating systems can be somewhat large, taking up a lot of patio space.

Awnings with lights and heaters installation

As well as all of the above benefits, awning lighting and heating systems are quick and easy to install. At Taydec, our expert team are specialists in fitting awnings, motorised awnings and light and heat systems, so you can rest assured that work will be carried out quickly and you’ll love the results.

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