Professional Window Blinds Installation in Birmingham

There are many advantages of window blinds, including control of the light that enters a room, control over heat and insulation, control over privacy, and of course, the colourful and decorative features that blinds can add to any room. When you consider investing in new window blinds, as well as choosing the right style of blind, you may also be deciding whether to fit the blinds yourself or opt for professional window blinds installation.

window blinds installation

Whilst you may consider measuring and installing interior blinds yourself, there are a long list of reasons for going down the professional installation route:

Uncertainty about measurements

Unless you have had experience of installing new blind or shutters previously, you may not be confident that you have taken the right window measurements. Needless to say, if you purchase blinds based on incorrect measurements, this leads to complications when it comes to successfully hanging your blinds and achieving the desired results.

When you consider the time and costs that can be associated with remeasuring and ordering new blinds and materials, it certainly pays to trust the professionals to measure and install your blinds or shutters to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome.

Some blinds or shades are more difficult to install than others

Whilst some styles of blind or window shade are not too difficult to install, others can be extremely tricky and will require help from a pro. Horizontal blind styles such as cellular and pleated blinds or venetian blinds can be relatively simple to install, provided that the measurements are right.

Interior blinds such as roller blinds, roman blinds and venetian blinds can be more difficult to measure for, which can mean issues with light gaps between the edges of the blind and the window frame. For blinds such as vertical or panel blinds, or for installing conservatory blinds (especially for the roof), hiring a professional installer will certainly save you a lot of problems and keep your stress levels much lower! If you are considering installing shutters, take note that these are especially difficult to fit if your windows are not completely square. Professionals help you to avoid expensive mistakes.

Custom shapes

If you are looking for shade solutions for circular, arch topped or any other unusually shaped windows, then it’s always recommended to leave the work to a professional!

Time considerations

Whilst DIY tasks can save money in some cases, it’s important to consider the cost of your time. It may be a cliche, but time is money – consider how large or small the job is, your level of DIY skill, and how long the work is likely to take.

If you aren’t especially experienced in DIY and have a lot of windows to take care of, hiring a professional is well worth the cost when you consider the time and effort required to do the job yourself, especially if you make mistakes along the way.


Opting for professional window blinds installation will provide the peace of mind that you’ll be satisfied with the finished results. Whilst doing the work yourself can provide a satisfying feeling of accomplishment, this is only the case if you are 100% happy with the style and quality of your blinds, how they look, how they function and how successfully you have installed them. 

Choosing to hire a professional means that all measurements and installation work will be guaranteed, so you can rest assured that all work will be completed to your satisfaction the first time, every time.

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