Patio Awnings and Outdoor Shade for Outdoor Socialising All Year Round

Patio awnings aren’t just for outdoor shade in the summer – they’re great investments all year round. Read on to find out more.

Catching up, relaxing together and enjoying the great outdoors are some of the things we’ve missed most. And with the world slowly returning to normal, many of us are excitedly planning gatherings with our family and friends. While some of us still have concerns about meeting safely, there are things that can be done to reduce the risk.  One of the ideal must-haves for your social gathering is a patio awning, here’s why.

retractable patio awnings
  1. Patio awnings are perfect for socialising all year round

It’s only natural you might feel hesitant about hosting gatherings again. But the beauty of patio awnings is that they work wonderfully all year round. In the colder months you can enhance your environment with outdoor heaters, fairy lights and cosy cushions, and in the summer, you’ve got ready-made outdoor shade. Whether you use the outdoor shade for dining al fresco or to get out the parasol and sun loungers, you’re sure to stay cool in the summer sun.

  1. Awnings create a great outdoor cooking area

Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be restricted to summertime. There’s something truly magical about enjoying toasted marshmallows, barbecued bananas or a hot cup of cocoa or mulled wine in the winter air. So, while you might think patio awnings are just for providing summer outdoor shade, they make the perfect outdoor cooking area, whatever the weather. Awnings don’t just provide shelter for you, but also protect your food from the elements – rain or shine. Awning lights and heaters also make for a great BBQ get together, as the person manning the grill won’t be left on their own outside.

If your resident BBQ chef is creating a lot of smoke, they can set up their grill under a parasol a little distance away from the awning, keeping everyone comfortable and suitably sheltered from the sun and the elements.

  1. Extending your living space has never been easier

We all know the phenomenal cost of adding more space to your home through extensions and conservatories. If you’re looking for a stylish, more affordable alternative to give you more room at home, patio awnings could be the answer. Not only do they give you more living space, but they also add a sense of cohesion between the inside of your home and the outside world. What’s more, you can make the space even bigger when required, with the help of some strategically placed parasols. 

  1. Awnings are a stylish addition to the home

While patio awnings provide the perfect level of outdoor shade, and extend your living space, they can also look superb. Gone are the days of boring, one size fits all patio awnings. Nowadays, you can invest in some particularly contemporary awnings that look amazing and add value to your home. If you’re unsure about which type of patio awnings to consider, speak to a trusted professional who can guide you.

  1.   Awnings can be enhanced

One of the great things about patio awnings is you can enhance them in numerous ways. Whether you choose a fancy cantilever parasol, awning lighting, outdoor furniture or other garden accessories, there are many ways to wow your guests and create a comfortable spot of outdoor shade or shelter.

Patio Awnings Installation

To create your perfect shaded outdoor socialising area, get in touch with Taydec today to discuss your outdoor shade needs. We will advise you on the right choices, from awnings, parasols and umbrellas to outdoor living solutions. Call 0121 241 1531.