Choosing the Right Patio Awning for your Home

Finding unique looks for your home has never been easier, thanks to an array of inspiration out there on the internet.  One of the home accessories that may have caught your eye is a patio awning.  But what is it?  And how do you go about choosing the right awning for your home?

What is a patio awning?

Patio awnings are structures that attach to the side of a building, providing stylish shelter.  Whether they’re used to create a spot of shade or to protect you from the rain, a patio awning can be a great way to give your home a unique look at the same time as expanding your living space.  You can also get motorised awnings, which are easy to operate and look particularly stylish. 

How to choose the right awning for your home – our tips

Choose awning hardware to match the style of your home

An awning can come in all shapes and sizes. The style of your home will most likely dictate what kind of awning will look best, but there’s something to be said for a fusion of the ‘old’ and ‘new’.  Don’t be afraid of trying something new – and if in doubt, let our awning expert here at Taydec advise you, free of charge, during a measure and quotation appointment at your home.

Choose your awning hardware carefully

When you’re picking a patio awning, you probably don’t think about the hardware that comes with it.  But awning canopy hardware comes in a variety of finishes, from brass and stainless steel to aluminium and more.  At Taydec, we can colour match awning hardware to match your home’s windows, doors or brickwork, providing a look that is in fitting with your home’s aesthetics.

Awning hardware doesn’t just have to look good and complement your home, it must also do its job effectively – so do ask an expert if you’re unsure.

Decide on the appropriate awning size

By carefully planning the size of your awning you can maximise its potential without overpowering the rest of your home.  Don’t forget to consider how much space you’ll have either side of and above the awning so that you have good coverage irrespective of window size.  Again, these key points are covered during our free of charge quotation appointments.

Pick your awning positioning carefully

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to make sure that your awning will provide adequate shade.  Whilst the size of the awning is certainly an important factor, ensuring that it is positioned right is also essential.

Positioning your awning isn’t just about the way it looks.  Practicality is also a key consideration – it will need to be positioned in a way that it will provide adequate outdoor shade and shelter, and indoor shade, but without causing an obstruction. At Taydec, we carry out a survey of your situation during our quotation appointment, to help you determine the right position and height for your awning.

Choose your awning material

One of the key influences in choosing the material of your awning or motorised awning is the usual weather in your area.  Thankfully there are stunning ranges of treated fabrics that will withstand all sorts of weather conditions.  Treated fabrics undergo rigorous testing to ensure they prevent colour fading from the sun, resist water, and in some cases, are self-cleaning for lower maintenance.

Decide what’s best for you – standard awnings or motorised awnings

Standard awnings are so simple and quick to operate, and with motorised awnings with remote controls that offer great flexibility, you can even open your awnings from the comfort of your own home – perfect for when it’s raining! 

patio awning

Use a trusted awning specialist to install your new addition

There are various different awning installation methods, which all differ depending on the variation you’ve gone for. Whatever type of awning you’ve chosen, whether it be standard or motorised, ensure you work with a trusted awning specialist, such as Taydec, who offer guarantees on their work. Whilst you might find someone offering the services for less cost, it can work out to be a false economy if your awning breaks and you have no recourse!

Patio Awning Specialists in Birmingham

Here at Taydec, we offer a range of awnings with an array of cassettes, finishes, styles, shades and more.  If you’re unsure about awnings or motorised awnings, our friendly team can help.  Please call 0121 241 1531 for more information and we will be happy to help.