Choosing Blinds to Suit Large Windows

Large windows are wonderful for letting in plenty of natural light, generating a bright and airy atmosphere for your home, as well as allowing you to enjoy the views of your outside surroundings from the comfort of your living spaces.  Whilst large windows certainly have many benefits, you may have a few considerations when it comes to dressing your windows and choosing the right blinds or shade solutions to suit them.

Whilst there are many styles of window blind available, not all styles are practical or appropriate for large window openings. To help you feel more confident in choosing blinds to suit the larger windows in your home, let’s take a look at some of the important factors you should think about.

The weight of your chosen blinds

Needless to say, as more material will be needed to cover large window spaces, this will inevitably result in a weightier blind.  As a result, some blinds or shutters can be somewhat impractical. Wooden shutters can be quite heavy, so as well as being difficult to operate via a pull mechanism, they may also start to bow under their own weight over time, meaning that they will be less effective the longer you have them.

Roman blinds can also be very weighty, and the large amount of fabric needed to cover large windows means that the control pull mechanisms would struggle, making it difficult to open and close blinds, but also more likely that regular maintenance or repairs would be needed.

We recommend choosing a lightweight window covering solution. A good example of this would be vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are cut into narrow slats and are fixed across many points, putting very little pressure on the blind mechanisms, and providing plenty of control over light.

Thermal insulation and light control

Another key consideration is how large window blinds will help to keep the warmth in during the winter, and to keep rooms as cool as possible during the summer.  As a structure that is predominantly glass, a conservatory will usually have very large window surfaces to cover, making thermal control difficult. Pleated and cellular blinds provide an ideal solution for large conservatory windows, as they can provide light control, block UV rays, and also provide insulating pockets during the colder months.

When it comes to light control for large windows, vertical blinds feature rotating slats that provide a lot of control over how much natural light is allowed into a room.  And pleated blinds are available ‘made to fit/perfect fit’, providing maximum coverage over large windows and doors.

Ease of movement

As well as choosing blinds that are easy to operate and move to suit your needs throughout the day, it’s also important to consider access to the windows or doors that they cover. You will need to choose blinds that don’t obstruct the movement of the window or door. 

Vertical blinds provide an ideal solution, as they can either be retracted to the side to provide complete access, or simply rotated to provide access to window handles if you still need the blinds to provide shade. Another excellent choice for large windows is perfect fit pleated blinds, as they can be fitted directly to the frames, moving with the window.

Consider motorised blinds

You may wish to choose motorised blinds for large windows or doors in order to make your life easier. The larger the opening, the longer it will take to open or close the window covering, so motorised mechanisms that can be operated by a button or an app are certainly much less labour intensive when compared with a standard pulley or wand system.

You can discuss your motorised blind needs with us today.

Blinds and Shade Solutions for Large Windows and Doors

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