4 Reasons To Buy an Awning This Summer

Finally, summer has begun and we are enjoying some hot weather after such a cold, wet May.  Living in the UK means we Brits take every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, so many of us will be looking to spend countless hours in our gardens over the next few months.  Of course, we have to be careful and having plenty of shade at hand is a major plus.  Needless to say, there will be some rain in the mix as well, so we also need some shelter too – that’s where an awning comes in, providing the perfect solution to both.

Here are 4 great reasons to buy an awning this summer. 

Instant shade and privacy

Retractable awnings provide the most instant and convenient of outdoor shade solutions. Motorised awnings can be launched within seconds to provide protection from the sun, and a shadier, cooler area to escape to when you’ve had a little too much heat.

As well as providing shade, awnings also provide instant privacy so that you and your family can spend time outside shielded from any prying eyes.  And for maximum privacy, you can even choose a side screen for your awning.

Work outside

If you are still working from home, then it can be extremely tempting to take your work outside when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  As great as this sounds, we’ve all experienced how difficult it is to see laptops and other device screens through the glare of the sun.  And with the heat beating down on us we can seriously overheat, along with our devices!

Enter the awning!  With an awning you can ensure the shade and protection you need to work outside comfortably and successfully – making the most of the good weather whilst staying productive!

Protect your skin and furniture

As well as protecting your skin from UV rays and helping prevent sunburn, awnings also play a key role in protecting your furniture. Covering your outdoor furniture with an awning helps to prevent sun and rain damage, ensuring that your favourite garden chairs last for many years to come.

As well as creating outdoor shade, awnings also help to protect interior furniture. By blocking UV rays, carpets and upholstery are protected from fading due to sun exposure.


In a country where we make the most of the sunny weather we get, we know it can change in an instant.  In the UK, it’s not uncommon for blue skies to suddenly change to black clouds and rain, so it can be difficult to plan an outdoor event. An awning allows you to relax, regardless of any sudden changes in the weather.

When you have your family and friends round for a barbeque or get together, your awning provides them with shade and shelter no matter what the weather brings.  And with infra-red heating and LED lighting as an option, you can relax and enjoy yourself right into the night, even if it gets a little chilly or dark.  

Awning Installation in the Birmingham area

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