Why To Choose Taydec for Awnings


In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of investing in retractable patio awnings to help you make the most of your outdoor space.  From the fabulous advantage of sun protection to a range of wonderful special features, we talked through many reasons why awnings are a fantastic solution to create outdoor shade. So, now that you’re sold on awnings, we’re here to talk more specifically about choosing Taydec as your patio awning supplier and installer.

Up to 10 Years’ Warranty

We are so confident in the awning models we supply – as well as our installation work – that we offer up to 10 years’ warranty for your peace of mind.

Made in the UK

We are proud to say that our range of awning products are manufactured in the UK by skilled technicians, making use of the latest technology to offer an extremely high specification when compared with other awning manufacturers on the market. 

A further benefit of UK-made products is that we can be confident that they are available at fast lead times, and arrive to us in fantastic condition, ready for a quick and simple installation process.



Whilst we provide up to 10 years’ warranty on our awnings, we are confident that in normal circumstances, retractable awnings installed by Taydec can be expected to last for many more years!

Weather Resistance

In the UK, we are subject to a wide variety of weather conditions, often in one day!  So, to get the most benefit from patio awnings, it is essential that they are designed to withstand the weather conditions they are faced with.

At Taydec, our awnings feature high levels of fade resistance and extraordinary colour luminosity, so even when exposed to the sun for years, the fabric continues to look great.  In addition to fade resistant fabrics, awning fabrics can also be self cleaning; fabric surfaces can be coated to prevent dirt and water from clinging to them, ensuring a clean visual appearance without the need for manual cleaning. 

A key issue for any awning is wind exposure.  In order to provide awnings that are safe and durable, Taydec installs awnings wind rated to Class 2 (Beaufort 5), coping with an average wind speed of 19 mph, or Class 3, the highest wind rating (Beaufort 6), coping with an average wind speed of 30 mph. Taydec is proud to share that one of our products has the strongest folding arms available in the UK! 

As an extra precaution for strong winds, we can also install wirefree wind sensors for motorised retractable awnings. When the wind is too strong, your awnings will simply fold away for your safety and to prevent any potential damage.

**Special Offer** Taydec are currently offering wind sensors FREE OF CHARGE with each motorised awning purchase!

A concern with lower quality awnings is that, over time, the fabric will lose its shape, especially when exposed to a range of weather conditions. You can rest assured that our awning fabrics benefit from the highest level of dimensional stability, remaining taut and holding shape for many years to come.

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