How Shutters are a Modern yet Timeless Indoor Shade Solution


Are window shutters at the top of your home decoration list?  We, at Taydec, say a resounding yes, as they offer one of the best ways to give your property an instant makeover!

No matter when your property was built, shutters look amazing.  The fact that they have been around for hundreds of years is testament to their ongoing popularity.  At Taydec we present you with the very best, offering the perfect fusion of history and class with up to the minute modern styling.

Let’s take a look at why they are a modern, yet timeless, indoor shade solution and what to look for when you are buying your shutters…

1. Shutters exude history yet shout modern!

Shutters first came into use in the Medieval period, with many recognising the benefits of temperature control in their properties. Since then, they’ve been used throughout the years and evolved significantly. Now, shutters are one of the most popular window coverings, thanks to their combination of historic charm and modern feel, these window covering wonders really stand the test of time.

2. Maximum light AND maximum indoor shade and privacy!

Most of us are on a quest to get maximum light into our homes while also retaining privacy. Since shutters were first invented, their style has been tweaked and improved to offer the ultimate window covering that lets in bounteous amounts of light. But it’s important to note that not all brands are the same, and the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’, certainly rings true. When you buy top-of-the-range shutters, you’re not simply buying the product, but also the expertise of the designer, who has poured hours of time into honing the perfect fit, style, mechanism and so much more.

3. That bespoke ‘built-in’ feel

High-quality shutters are installed in such a way that they become part of the house, blending in beautifully.  On the other hand, poor quality window coverings often need to be replaced. In this instance, the phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ often becomes a reality. Specially crafted pieces offer a genuine ‘built-in’ feel, and become a feature in their own right.

4. Shutters stand the test of time

Shutters are extremely durable, lasting for many years. Investing in good quality shutters means you won’t have to worry about changing them.  And because they have such timeless appeal, they’ll always steal the show!

5. Shutter safety record

At Taydec, we take child safety very seriously and shutters are quite simply ‘safe by design’.  No cords to become entangled in, just beautifully designed window coverings.

Why choose us to supply and fit your new shutters?

We work with first-class suppliers to bring you the ultimate indoor shade solutions. Our products enhance privacy without compromising on light control, and make a striking style statement from both the inside and out.

We understand that when you’ve found the perfect shutters, you want them as soon as possible. That’s why we have UK suppliers ready to build your bespoke shutters, so they end up in your home faster.  All of our shutters are made to order, with exact precision, professionalism and care. 

Shutters really do offer the best form of indoor shade, offer maximum privacy and act as a firm barrier to the outside elements – all while making a striking style statement.

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