Why Vertical Blinds are Perfect for Every Room

vertical blinds

Each room in your home has a different function, and as a result, different rooms will need different types of decor. When it comes to dressing your windows with blinds, there are a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from to provide the best aesthetic and functional fit for each room. We believe that there is one style of blind that is well suited to every room in your house, and that is the vertical blind. 

Why vertical blinds? Let’s talk in more detail about the qualities that make them so versatile.

What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds feature a series of vertical fabric slats, which can be twisted to open and expose the window and let in a lot of light, or closed to provide shade, via the operation of a chain that controls the movement of each slat. The ability to so easily control the amount of light let in by vertical blinds certainly makes them one of the most versatile solutions.

When it comes to the aesthetic benefits of this style of blind, the slats are available in a large range of fabrics, colours and prints, ensuring that the ideal blinds can be chosen to suit each individual’s personal tastes, along with matching the existing decoration of a room. 

Vertical Blinds for Large Glazing

Vertical blinds are an ideal solution for large windows, particularly for the full-length glazing of folding or sliding patio doors. Vertical blinds allow for light to be controlled and manipulated throughout the day, which is especially important in large openings. Vertical blinds are also great for improving security for large windows and doors as they help to obscure the view into a property at night, or if you are away from your home.

As well as turning to control how much light is let into a room, vertical blind slats can also be drawn into a neat stack to allow people to use sliding and folding doors without obstacles. Blinds can be drawn completely, or just enough to open the door wide enough to walk through.

Blinds for Conservatories and Orangeries

Given their versatility for controlling sunlight, vertical blinds make the ideal choice for conservatories and orangeries. As the sun moves throughout the day, you can simply adjust the slats to keep light and heat at a relaxing level.

Vertical Bedroom Blinds

For many people, a key concern when choosing blinds for their bedroom is how much light they let in at night. Vertical blinds are available with a blackout fabric to help block out as much light as possible. 

Blinds for Curved or Bay Windows

A further benefit of vertical blinds is that the top rail can be shaped to suit the window. The rail can be curved for curved windows, or split into individually operated sections for a bay window.

Bathroom and Kitchen Blinds

Vertical blinds are also well suited to kitchens and bathrooms, providing fantastic light control. For bathrooms, they also provide that all important additional privacy. 

Choose the Perfect Blinds for Your Home

Are you looking to redecorate, improve or update your home?  The simplicity, versatility and reliability of vertical blinds will make them top of your list as the ideal solution for your home.

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